Base Camp “Outfitting our Faith” is a Bible Study built upon the events in the life of men from the Bible. These men, on the timeless pages of God’s Word, are given as examples and warnings to us. As we explore each Expedition our goal is to flesh out the things that apply to us as men that will enhance our walk with God and help us on the journey of life.

Base Camp is the place, such as your Church or Bible study group where you, together with other men, learn how to meet the challenges of life. Each lesson is an Expedition that has several common elements running through every one.


Gearing Up- Here is where you will find the information that is needed as we begin to explore. Gearing Up is the place that will give us the basic of the study that lies ahead.


Getting Our Bearings- The Bible is the most important component of the study. In this section we will get the direction we need to head and be briefed with any important background information. The God Provided Scripture is called GPS Location and will be the focal text of the study.


Pursuing the Challenge- The main body of the lesson is like the day on the hunt. We have our gear ready our bearings have told us where we are headed and now we are off on the pursuit of the challenge.


Packing out the Trophy- It’s time to reflect and access what we discovered that we need to pack out and take back to base camp with us?

It is time to get into Base Camp, get on the expeditions, pursue the challenges and find the trophies that will make us better men.


Expeditions of camp one


Base Camp One, Base Camp Two and Base Camp Three have been released to this point.

Each contain 13 studies.

Base Camp Four is currently in the writing phrase and will be availabe in late 2013.